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Oct 7

Chopko by Greg Ripko

Matterhorn and Submarine
Sep 29

Matterhorn and Submarine

- Life is full of unexpected storms
- In storms we are all going to grab onto what we think is an anchor (booze, sex, porn)
- Your anchor will either sink you or save you in the storm
- There is a world out there that we don’t know about
- Matthew 14:22-26
- Jesus went into the hills to pray while disciples were sent to cross a lake
- The waves became dangerous and at 3 in the morning they saw Jesus walking on the water
- They became scared and thought Jesus was a ghost
- With Jesus I can overcome my fears
- God provides His presence when called
- Matthew 14:27-28
- Gods solution to your problems is always his presence
- Everyone goes through storms, we panic, and forget God is always here
- Luke 12:32
- It doesn’t matter how big or small you may think you are….God is there
- Luke 8:50
- We take courage by choosing faith to overcome storms in life
- Psalm 34:4
- Trust God and he can steady your boat
- With Jesus I can conquer anything
- Matthew 14:29
- Peter, the idiot, walked on water (with Jesus anything is possible)
- Romans 8:37
- Philippians 4:13
- Without Jesus you can’t do anything
- Matthew 14:30
- The wind and waves were always there….the only thing that changed was when Peter took his eyes off Christ
- Ephesians 2:12
- Living without God is living without hope
- You may be sinking and not even know it
- We fix this by keeping our eyes on Jesus
- Sin causes Sinking
- When I ask Jesus to save me he will
- Matthew 14:31-33
- Romans 10:13 
- God is always there to save you

Sep 28
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